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A customer approached us about doing this job out of carbon steel with the pipe bundle being made out of a special seamless tubing. The timeline was critical as the customer had a two day plant outage scheduled and they needed this unit installed during that time. We were given 5 weeks to complete the project but the special tubing had a 2 week lead time meaning we had just over a week to complete the job once the material arrived. We threw tons of guys on it and worked some crazy hours to make 
Start Date
Mar,14, 2018
Completion Date
Apr,19, 2018Location
 seamless tubing, pipe & pipe fittings, angle iron & bar.
Fabrication Methods
There was a lot of rolling & forming of cylinders & cones. We used stainless steel flux cored welding wire to weld the entire unit.
Finishing Details
The entire unit was to be wrapped in insulation and the insulation was wrapped in an external sheet metal shell.
40' long
7500 lbs
Speical Notes
The timeline & long lead time seamless tube.

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