Pressure Vessel Steel

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Pressure Vessel Steel
We stock and supply a wide range of pressure vessel steel plate grades for working environments where safe operating pressure is critical.

Our pressure vessel steel is the steel of choice for the world’s boiler & pressure vessel fabricators.

Energy Steel Industrial have a global reputation for the supply of high quality pressure vessel steel to these fabricators and many of them are suppliers to some of the worlds largest gas, oil and petrochemical companies.

Pressure vessel and boiler quality steel are commonly found throughout the oil industry (including inshore and offshore), the petrochemical industry and the gas production industry. The companies in these industries set the highest demands in terms of quality, testing and conditions of supply, and it has all the necessary expertise to meet these demands.

In recognition of the increasing need for pressure vessel steel plate to demonstrate HIC Resistant properties MASTERHIC is also available ex–stock. MASTERHIC is particularly suited for pressure equipment where wet H2S corrosion can be a problem.

Specification and Grades
■ ASTM A285
■ ASME SA285
■ ASTM A516
■ ASME SA516
■ ASTM A537
■ ASME SA537
■ EN 10028
■ BS 1501
■ DIN 17155
■ ASTM A553 Type 1
■ ASTM A553 Type 2
■ ASME SA553 Type 1
■ ASME SA553 Type 2
■ ASTM A353
■ ASME SA353

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